The Captive Harem Of Mustapha Dhai

Man's Adventure September 1959

Also featuring The Kick-Happy Amature vs The Professional 


Blonde Captives of the Cavemen

Man's Adventure April 1959

Out of the four captives shown, only one can be described as blonde.

Also featuring Call-Girl Queen of the Underworld, Twelve Things You Should Know About Women, and The True Facts About America’s Trailer Camps


We Fly Into Hell

Rugged Men (Dec., 1958).  Cover by Clarence Doore

The drama of the Navy’s bravest men: The Hurricane Hunters

Also featuring Strip Clubs — The housewife’s new road to riches!, and I Slit My Rival’s Throat… for the right to mother a monster!


Cheating Women — The Story Of Your Neighbor’s Wife


My neighbor’s wife, you say? As soon as I finish fending off this pack of ravenous wolverines, I’ll have to look into that.

Also includes My Wife is a Stripper, Gunfighters Die Young, and Millions In Gold; Yours For The Taking


The Sharks Got My Legs!


Also featuring The Kill-Crazy Nympho of Sunset Strip, Hophead Farmers of the Cumberland Hills, Play-Girls Of The Seven Seas (They ply their trade wherever men go down to the sea in ships), and City of Branded Women 


I Found The Mummies of Peru


Also featuring Paris: Still The Most, They’re After Your Blood! Crimes Of Our Knife-Happy Medicos!, and I Faced A Million Tons of Hell… Hard Bullets and Soft Flesh


Call Him Savage


This entire issue can be downloaded here

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The Island That Lived For Death


Japan, presumably.

Also featuring The Stag Party: The Young Bride’s Best Friend


For Real Joy In Marriage, Give Me An American Girl’s Brand Of Love