My Four Years As Prisoner In Russia’s “Spy Hotel”

Adventure Life December 1961

Cover reused from For Men Only


China Bomb

Male December 1967

Also featuring I Was An Office “Passion Lottery” Girl and Mob Goddess 2000 Mafia Gunmen Couldn’t Kill


The Berlin Wall’s Red Rapist Guards

SEE March 1963 21-4

Also, The Sex Capital of The World, How You Can Find The $20,000,000 Inca Treasure, and The Day The S.S. Burned A Town Alive

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How I Keep My Treasure Chest In Shape

MANS PRIME February 1966 3-15

Also, Sex Games Of The Nudists, Why Good Girls Become Prostitutes!, and The Hill Of Dead GI’s

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How These Cuban Hell-Cats Scare Fidel Castro’s Gang!

MANS PERIL September 1964 6-12

Also featuring Confessions of A Super Mata Hari, Hong Kong’s Shocking Brothels Of Blind Child Prostitutes, and Have G-String , Will Strip In Your Home!

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Secrets Of The East Berlin Torture Palace

Men Today February 1962 thumbnail
Men Today February 1962 thumbnail
MEN TODAY Feb 1962 thumbnail
Men Today February 1962
Men Today February 1962
MEN TODAY Feb 1962

Also featuring Nude Virgins For The Chamber Of Evil, The Scandal Of Draft Deferment, I Book Passion Parties, Trapped In A Caribbean Cave Of Lust, and Schmiesser Slugs Are Tearing My Guts

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An American’s Border Crash-Out with a Communist Call-Girl

Blue Book May 1964 thumbnail
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Blue Book May 1964

If the turncoat female was loyal, Arthur Burford’s 1500-mile escape would dead-end at a firing squad.


How We Escaped From Red China

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A Chinese Nympho, A Russian Schoolmarm And A German Medico

Also featuring Sexual Research: Beware the quacks who are cashing in on the Johnson-Masters report!, A Sex-Starved Housewife Tells: How I Tried Love With Another Woman!, With $1,000,000 In Gold And A Pair Of Uninhibited Indian Girl Guides, We Hunted Treasure In The Swamp Of Death!, and Earthquake!: We Lived Through A Day Of Hell

This entire issue can be downloaded here


Massacre On Dead Man’s Ridge

All Man February 1960 thumbnail
All Man Feb1960 thumbnail
All Man February 1960
All Man Feb1960

Also featuring They’re using the world’s oldest profession to… Destroy America! Sex Is The Bait For Traitors!

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