Slaves Of Sin For Castro’s Traveling Torture Master

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25668766-New_Man,_November_1964._Cover_art_by_Norman_Saunders-8x6 thumbnail

Also featuring Passion Starved Play Girls Are Gunning For You, My Wild 17 Days In Hitler’s Underground Bunker Of Lust, and How The American Sex Tragedy Dooms You


Kiss The Skull of Death, My Beautiful Muchacha!

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25668528-New_Man,_September_1965._Art_by_Norman_Saunders-8x6 thumbnail

Also includes Where Over-Sexed Women Prowl For You, 10 Personality Traits That Cripple You Sexually, and Exposed: Newest Gathering Places For Homosexuals, presumably with a handy map and directions so New Man readers know exactly how to, um, avoid them. Yeah.


I Fought Castro’s Cutthroat Guerrilla Squad

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From the April 1970 issue of For Men Only


Crawl, My Lovely, Before The Mongolian Monster Of Agony!


Also featuring Latest Lust Kicks of Suburbia’s Kinky Set, Horror House of Satan’s Doomed Angels, I Sell Special Treatments, and Exposed — The Sex Death Wish of Teenagers


Passport To Peril


On the run —- behind the Iron Curtain!

From the corridors and compartments of the Orient Express to the shadowy, ruined streets of Budapest—which he saw firsthand as a foreign correspondent during World War II—Parker takes you on a nightmare tour of a land where life is cheap, old hatreds run strong, and a couple of Americans can find themselves in more danger than they ever imagined. With all the immediacy of the wartime dispatches Parker filed from Turkey, Danzig, Warsaw, and Bucharest and all the authority of a man who himself spent three years crossing borders without a passport and narrowly avoiding arrest by the Gestapo, PASSPORT TO PERIL paints a heart-stopping picture of desperate men in a desperate time.

via Hard Case Crime

Killing Castro


Some Lust For Power—Others, For Retribution…

BECAUSE IN 1961, NO ONE WOULD HAVE CALLED FIDEL CASTRO THE RETIRING TYPE There were five of them, each prepared to kill, each with his own reasons for accepting what might well be a suicide mission. The pay? $20,000 apiece. The mission? Find a way into Cuba and kill Castro. This breathtaking thriller, originally published the year before the Cuban Missile Crisis under a pen name Lawrence Block never used before or since, is the rarest of Block’s books

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Madame Penal

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Dramatic saga of the young woman who ruled the Middle East’s Cafard Compound, and of the handful of Americans and 1500 starved and broken wretches forced to kneel and hail her as… Madame Penal


Hit and Run Rocket Raid

20895195 - Hit and Run Rocket Raid

This illustration appeared on the cover of a Magazine Management title, probably For Men Only, c. 1965.


Untold Story Of The Red Army’s Female Barracks

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This painting sold for $15,535.00


Illustration for Men’s World magazine, c. 1967-1972


Note the random babe in the Commie army. Because, why the hell not?


Surf Pack Assassins


They Lived for Sin, Sun, and Sudden Death

They were a wild groups of young Americans on a surfing and sex binge that had taken them halfway across the world — and lurking among them was a Red killmaster out to trigger a three-continent orgy of subversion and murder. Then a Yank undercover man infiltrated their treacherous ranks, moving up a girl by girl, thrill by thrill ladder in search of his deadly quarry, aware that a single false move would throw him into the path of a tidal wave of violent revenge…

And just in case that doesn’t sound awesome enough for you, that guy has a .30 caliber medium machine gun mounted on his surfboard. Top that!


Take That, Commie!

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Update: Now with the actual cover in addition to the painting. 

‘Escape From Moscow’, ‘Women’s Real Sexual Needs’, ‘The Nude French Decoy’, and ‘The Backwoods Torture Plot of Luke Watkins’