The Yank Who Became A Fertility God


Also ‘Hitler’s Global Nympho Brigade’ and ‘Gambling Housewives of Suburbia’


Twilight Women


They Worshiped At The Shrine of Passion.
The Story Of A Strange Love Cult And Its Secret Rites!

Clearly a re-working of the cover art from Aphrodite’s Lover

The Divine Passion

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A vivid and challenging novel of sex worship in a pagan society

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… And The Blood Of A Maiden


The Girl Who Was Possessed


A luscious witch practices sorcery and sins herself into an early grave

From the back:

The Voodoo she’d do would drive men wild. Her naked body glowed in the black candlelight as she danced with sensual abandon. She was a witch, a wanton. She played the devil, and she wound up dead! Homicide lieutenant Al Wheeler learns all about sorcery when he investigates the death of a beautiful hex-cat and smashes into a cult of weird worshipers who crave sensation, sin, and Satan.


Secrets of the Delphi Oracle


Also, ‘How Your Mind Can Move Matter’ and ‘The Haunted Hapburgs’


De Terugkeer van Zij (The Return of She)


By H. Rider Haggard. Published by Internationale Roman Maatschappij in 1923 in the Beroemde Meesterwerken series.

You can read the full text of Ayesha, the Return of She at Project Gutenberg here.


I Was Shipwrecked On The World’s Strangest Nudist Island

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Also, My Bike, My Girl and To Hell With You! and Memoirs of a Nymphomaniac


The Beasts Who Were Once Men


This poor woman is being drilled, snake harassed & branded, which might seem like overkill to some people.


The Cult of the Seven Wenches

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1963. Playtime 646
Playtime Book #646 1964

The cult was a sex lure which netted big money… They had it made in more ways than one

From the back:

A startling story of sex cult members who indulged in such primitive pagan passions they made the Roman orgies seem mild! Here is the shocking ex-posé of ravished virgins . . . of women forced to breed like cattle . . . of uninhibited eroticism and carnal lust en masse!

Figures were on the sand now, hips grinding, hands reaching in erotic foulage; passionate mouths and bodies seeking satiation. Now something new was taking place. Two of the women, their own sex desires temporarily satiated, ran up the sandbar, grabbed one of the clothed girls. And suddenly vicious hands were on the girl’s body, cloth was tearing, and the girl was nude. The seven women danced around the frightened girl. Then the circle opened to admit one of the men. He started fondling the girl, disregarding her screams, her beating hands. He threw her to the sand at last, forced his body into position. Flossie’s fingers were hard on my arm. “Bill, that girl isn’t one of them. She’s being forced, ravished—” I handed the glasses to Flossie. “Focus on the girl being ravished. She’s wearing a belt, similar to the one I cut off Joan—” “That means she’s a prisoner.” Flossie’s words stopped.

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