Tease Of Death

Two-Fisted Detective Stories Nov 1959

Also, Lust Be My Destiny, Slice Her For Marty, and Beasts Never Die!


Slight Touch Of Satan


This entire issue can be downloaded here


I Led The Harlot Legion Of Algiers

Men Today September 1962

Also featuring Truck Drivers Are My Meat, Booze And Babes: Twin Teen Terrors, How To Overcome Sex Inferiority, 1,000 Naked Beauties For The Devil’s Plague, The Golden Madame Who Made Torture Big Business, and finally Trapped In A Volcano Of Lust 


The Case of the Attic Lover

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Pyramid G304 1958

He was a prisoner of a woman’s lust

From the back:

Desire consumed her every night, every morning, every afternoon… Her husband couldn’t satisfy her and her lovers abandoned her because they couldn’t stand the pace. Then one day she met her match — and put into effect the lustful, cunning plan that led to violence and unbelievable crime.

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Too Black for Heaven

Zenith Original ZB-31, 1959

She Knew He Was Guilty Of Every Sin — Lechery, Rape And Now, Incest


Quarry’s Blood

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Quarry's Blood cover, Hard Case Crime

Did She Want To Hire Him, Expose Him, Or Spill… Quarry’s Blood

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The Man Who Was Eichmann’s Boss

War Criminals Magazine June 1963