The Mummy Priestess Of Kaghis The Blood God

Jungle Comics #25

This complete issue can be downloaded here


The Lizard-Lions Of Azitroth

Planet Comics #25

Flint Baker — Space Scout Soars The Waste-World Of The Outer Voids To The Land That Time Forgot


The Vampire-Men Of Neptune

Planet Comics #18

Battling Mordas Krad’s Fiends To Save The Floating Citadel’s Lovely Princess


Giant Killer Of Jupiter

Planet Comics #11


Monsters Of The Inner-World

Planet Comics #19

Reef Ryan Blasts The Flesh-Hungry Spidermen To Reach Neptune’s Hidden Paradise


Raiders From The Red Moon

Planet Comics #24 thumbnail
Planet Comics #24, page 45 thumbnail
Planet Comics #24
Planet Comics #24, page 45

Flint Baker Rallies His Amazon Sky-Troops To Stem An Unholy Invasion

This cover looks a bit familiar…

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The Warrior-Maid Of Mercury

Planet Comics #17

The Earthman Battles The Invading Hairy Hordes Of Mars, God Of War


Winged Man-Eaters Of The Exile Star

Planet Comics #20

Flint Baker Battles The Nightmare Monsters Of Space’s Forbidden Isle