Senator Swish

Companion Books CB553 - Senator Swish (1968) thumbnail
Companion Books CB553 (1968) thumbnail
Companion Books CB553 - Senator Swish (1968)
Companion Books CB553 (1968)

He Won The Gay Vote By A Sinslide!

From the back:

Van was almost a senator when Jeff seduced him. The memory of lust was a shameful nightmare—and then blackmail threatened his career… and his manhood.


To Swap A Wanton

Nightstand Books NB1822

Unbridled Passions Drove Them To Depravity!

Excuse me, this wanton is a bit off. I would like to exchange her for a new one.


The Sin Quest

Companion Books CB527 - The Sin Quest (1967) thumbnail
The Sin Quest thumbnail
Companion Book CB527 (1967) thumbnail
Companion Books CB527 - The Sin Quest (1967)
The Sin Quest
Companion Book CB527 (1967)

Her Cash And Her Passion Enslaved Him

From the back:

Jay Carter had married a swinging jet-setter, but she was just his first shameless step in a cruel scheme to become a wealthy man. He used many women shamefully, but a couple of wantons had ideas of their own…

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The Case of the Naked Diver

Epic Book No. 112. 1961

They Found Passion At The Bottom Of The Sea… But The Trail Led To Sunken Treasure And Murder!!


3-Way Paradise


The Island’s Lush Scenery Made It A — 3-Way Paradise


The Love Adjuster


She Could Twist Any Temptress To Her Will