Sex A GoGo


The famous rock ‘n’ roll groups played cool songs to kindle hot passions. And their young fans wouldn’t deny them anything.


Gutter Gang

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Beacon Books B108 1954

They Came From Filthy Slums — Where Even Their Dreams Were Dirty

‘It’s Time The Public Opened Its Eyes To The Naked, Shocking Story Of Teen-Age Lust, Dope And Prostitution”

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Hell To Pay


They’re hopped-up punks, at war with the syndicate — and they kill just for kicks



Hate Alley


Days And Nights Of A Juvenile Delinquent…


Run Tough, Run Hard

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Monarch 487 1964

A High Voltage Story Of Violence And Vice Among Over-Privileged Teen-Agers

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A Diet Of Treacle


She Went Looking For Thrills — And Found Murder!

Anita Carbone was a good girl—and it bored her. That’s why she took the long subway ride down to Greenwich Village, home of the Beats and the stoners, home to every kind of misfit and dropout and free spirit you could imagine. It was where she met Joe Milani, the troubled young war veteran with the gentle touch. But it was also where she met his drug-dealing roommate—a man whose unnatural appetites led to murder…

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Surf Pack Assassins


They Lived for Sin, Sun, and Sudden Death

They were a wild groups of young Americans on a surfing and sex binge that had taken them halfway across the world — and lurking among them was a Red killmaster out to trigger a three-continent orgy of subversion and murder. Then a Yank undercover man infiltrated their treacherous ranks, moving up a girl by girl, thrill by thrill ladder in search of his deadly quarry, aware that a single false move would throw him into the path of a tidal wave of violent revenge…

And just in case that doesn’t sound awesome enough for you, that guy has a .30 caliber medium machine gun mounted on his surfboard. Top that!


Children of the Dark


Movie Tie-in “Rebel Without a Cause”


Hot Rod Fury


A Compelling Tale Of A Courageous Group Of Teen-Agers Who Had To Prove They Weren’t Thrill Crazy Delinquents


Young Lonigan

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Studs Lonigan’s First Encounters With Life

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The Promising Young Men


Temptation and Corruption of Modern Youth