The Violators

Popular Library 734 (March, 1956). First Printing. Cover by Rafael DeSoto

Not related to the book originally titled The Numbers Of Our Days


Girl Gangs!

Women In Crime March 1951 thumbnail
Women In Crime February 1949 thumbnail
Women In Crime March 1951
Women In Crime February 1949

Our Greatest Menace! — Our Bitter Tragedy! — The Newest Wrinkle In Juvenile Crime!

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Tenement Girl (Original Title: Cellar Club Girl)

Croyden_94 1955

A Story Of Neglected Youth Driven to Cellar Clubs and Dope


Basement Gang / Reefer Club

1953  Intimate_32 thumbnail
1953  Complete_01 thumbnail
1953 Stallion_213 thumbnail
1953  Intimate_32
1953  Complete_01
1953 Stallion_213

A Daring Novel Of Reefer Smoke — Reckless Thrills — And The Wild Love Of Boys And Girls of The City Streets
A Biting Indictment Of A Society Blind To The Needs Of Neglected Youth

Your Children Know — But They Won’t Tell You!

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Sex In Our Schools

Monarch MB521 1962 thumbnail
Monarch MB521 1962 Back thumbnail
Monarch MB521 1962
Monarch MB521 1962 Back

A Revealing Report On The Emotional Conflicts That Beset Our Younger Generation

From the back:

There is a sickness in our society today. Parents neglect their children, or else order them about so sternly that they rebel. Sexual and social mores are changing. “Everything for kicks” is the motto of our younger generation as they ignore self-discipline and flout recognized authority.
Sexual liberty is a natural outgrowth of such rebellion. Girls who have had several lovers before they are Sweet Sixteen, boys who could give many older people lessons in love—these are the children we see so frequently today.
There is no simple solution BUT unless we want to be over-whelmed by a rising tide of illegitimate children and emotional cripples, we will have to start finding some answers, says Dr. Woodward in this penetrating study of what makes our young people tick.


The Bold Saboteurs

The Bold Saboteurs by Chandler Brossard, Dell Books, No. D137, 1954 thumbnail
Dell Books D137 - Chandler Brossard - The Bold Saboteurs thumbnail
The Bold Saboteurs by Chandler Brossard, Dell Books, No. D137, 1954
Dell Books D137 - Chandler Brossard - The Bold Saboteurs

They roamed the back street jungles in search of sin…

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Gang Girl (1964)

Midwood 32-424 1964

She had her first sordid lessons in love on the dusty rooftops of rundown tenements

Not related to either this Gang Girl or this Gang Girl or this Gang Girl or this Gang Girl or the All Girl Gang or the All-Girl Ching Dao Jewel Gang or the Gang Moll


Jenny’s Games

Brandon House 736 1965 thumbnail
1965 Brandon House 736 thumbnail
Brandon House 736 1965
1965 Brandon House 736

An innocent game with her sister’s husband became a nightmare of sin!

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The Youngest Harlot

Newsstand Library U-130 thumbnail
43524378-7718915034_ab37aeb469_h[1] thumbnail
Newsstand Library U-130

Juvenile delinquency, our greatest challenge — the most biting indictment of our times

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Black Leather Barbarians


They call themselves the Night Hawks. Six teen-age toughs on motorcycles, they can make any chick, take any cop.