Marijuana Girl (1951)


Joyce Taylor Would Try Anything — If It Promised A Thrill!
She Fell Prey To The Foulest Of Rackets! 

From the back:

What Fatal Weakness Makes Joyce Taylor A Dope Slave…?
…Is she deliberately sinful? Does she consciously court depravity? Or is she, rather a helpless victim of psychological pressures forcing her to follow paths of evil despite herself? These are the questions probed in this sensitive and daring novel. For the first time in popular fiction, it frankly comes to grips with the most shameful scandal of our day—drug addiction among teenagers Here is a pitiless study of a young girl enslaved by the dope habit, revealing her every thought… every facet of her warped life… every nuance of her disturbed relations with other high school kids, with older men. With her we explore that strange demi-world of jazz musicians, among whom marijuana is as commonplace as tobacco. We watch Joyce turn to still more violent drugs—the “hard stuff’—resorting to every vile device, trading her very soul, for money with which to pay the dope “pusher”… This extraordinarily valid book does more than reaffirm the reputation of the author as a literary stylist and a shrewd, blunt commentator on our social scene. It tells the real story behind, the lurid newspaper headlines—the crime investigations—the reports official and unofficial—all screaming of the spread of dope addiction among children today!

Complete and Unexpurgated! Every Word of the Original Manuscript Appears in This Work


Tenement Girl (Original Title: Cellar Club Girl)

Croyden_94 1955

A Story Of Neglected Youth Driven to Cellar Clubs and Dope


Basement Gang / Reefer Club

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1953  Intimate_32
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1953 Stallion_213

A Daring Novel Of Reefer Smoke — Reckless Thrills — And The Wild Love Of Boys And Girls of The City Streets
A Biting Indictment Of A Society Blind To The Needs Of Neglected Youth

Your Children Know — But They Won’t Tell You!

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Reefer Girl

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Cameo Novel 330 1953

The frank, biting story of a young girl of the slums, and how she was caught in the toils of evil.

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From Rapture With Love


Trevor Trips Out With Sweet Psychedelia Schmidt!!

This entire book can be downloaded here


Where There’s Smoke

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Midwood Books F357 - Michael Burgess - Where There's Smoke

She was the kind of female who couldn’t say no, who couldn’t be satisfied with just one man… even if that man happened to be her husband.

From the back:

A Four Sided Triangle is made up of four parts, two young husbands and two young wives, each with their secret cravings and compulsions.

SUE… the totally amoral nymphomaniac who coaxed the others into a game of switch partners so she could show them the depths of their hidden hungers.
NICK… tormented by his wife’s promiscuity and his inability to satisfy her, driven to a point of madness where he must resort to rape in order to prove his manhood.
JESSICA… startled by the fury of her own abandon, dazed by the delight she finds in the arms of another female, condemned by the insatiable force of her long-suppressed yearnings.
ALEX… a broadminded male in every sense of the word, more than willing to share his wife with his friends as long as it was a share-and-share-alike agreement.


The Love Kick (Original Title: Ask For Linda)

The Love Kick, by Fan Nichols Macfadden 75-328, 1970

Sex, men and money were the signposts on the road to the ultimate kick


The Fabulous Sex Weed


The outlandish, Rabelaisian saga of the hunt for a fantastically potent tropical sex drug… and what happened to our men… and women… when it was smuggled into America!

From the back:

Aphrodisiacs, Inc.!
Angus’ job was to track down the legendary Jungle Weed that turned men into Satyrs — and to bring it back to America. But he didn’t bargain for the love-crazed Caribbean Women who wanted to keep it — and him — all For Themselves!


Beach Binge

Beacon B-580, 1963

Wild Beach Parties, Midnight Romps, Sensual Thrills On The Blazing Sands — These Were What Lured Pat Carson. She Left On Her Vacation A High School Girl, And Came Back Home A Woman! Teens On The Loose With Marijuana In Their Pockets, Liquor On Their Breath, And Time On Their Hands!


I’ll Get Mine (Original Title: Cure it With Honey)

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She Loved Men, Money, And Marijuana

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