Dream Club (Original Title: Beyond Desire)

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Original Novels #707 1952

A Revealing Story of Dope, Sin and Shattered Dreams…
A Sensational Story Of Dope And Twisted Lives!

From the back:

Joy for one and all…or so they said… and at a price. That was the fateful, illusory stock-in-trade of the Dream Club. Behind its secret door, they would tell you, you could buy the fulfillment of every hope, the taste of every delight, the thrill of infinite power. But it could only be for an hour, a day… and the price was damnation

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The Man With The Golden Arm


More powerful than a woman’s love… more binding than a man’s word… It was Dope!


Vice Rackets of Soho

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Vice Rackets of SOHO (Kaywin Publishers, 1951)
Vice Rackets of Soho 1950

This story exposes the White Slave Rackets which flourish unchecked in London’s Square Mile of Vice

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Madwoman? (Original Title: The Stubborn Wood)


The Daring Book That Takes You Inside The Walls Of A Mental Hospital For Women


See How They Burn (Original Title: The Hot and the Cool)


A Blistering Story About Today’s Lost Generation


The Junk Pusher

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Pyramid 126 1954

He brought a new vice to a sin-ridden town

From the back:

His victims were drug-addicted teenager and desperate women
Rick Hunt was a salesman. His product was depravity. His territory extended from Stark Town’s crime-infested Mexican quarter to the sordid splendor of the Mayor’s mansion. His customers were the young and the broken—life’s grotesque failures, sustained by drugs and sensual fantasies.
His women were a teen-aged addict called Isabella and the love-starved wife of his oldest friend.

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Marijuana Girl


She Traded Her Body For Drugs — And Kicks!

Never Was There A Novel As This… Telling The Plain, Uncensored Truth About Teenage Addicts — And Their Desperate Search For Thrills!


The Pusher


An 87th Precinct murder mystery revealing the inside story of the dope traffic

From the back:

His Sister Was On Heroin!

She sold her body to pay for it. She gave him his first shot as a joke. In a short time, he was on it steady. Then he began selling the stuff, mostly to other teen-agers. When the cops found him, he was sitting on a cot with an empty syringe at his feet — and a rope, suspended from the ceiling, knotted around his neck. It looked like suicide by hanging. But it wasn’t. The cause of death proved to he an overdose of heroin. And the fingerprints on the syringe were not his.

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