Marijuana Girl


She Traded Her Body For Drugs — And Kicks!

Never Was There A Novel As This… Telling The Plain, Uncensored Truth About Teenage Addicts — And Their Desperate Search For Thrills!


The Pusher


An 87th Precinct murder mystery revealing the inside story of the dope traffic

From the back:

His Sister Was On Heroin!

She sold her body to pay for it. She gave him his first shot as a joke. In a short time, he was on it steady. Then he began selling the stuff, mostly to other teen-agers. When the cops found him, he was sitting on a cot with an empty syringe at his feet — and a rope, suspended from the ceiling, knotted around his neck. It looked like suicide by hanging. But it wasn’t. The cause of death proved to he an overdose of heroin. And the fingerprints on the syringe were not his.

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Opium Flower


They were out to hook the whole world with the filthy stuff — Ryan had to stop them even if it meant losing the most luscious girl playmate in the orient.


The Innocent Bottle

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Money, Marriage — Murder!

From the back:

“He wouldn’t give the tablets back. He smiled in that nasty way of his and said they would be safer with him – that it was dangerous for people like me to have drugs. But I had to have them. And they were on the table by the bed.”

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Death’s Gleaming Face


This entire issue can be downloaded here


The Needle

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Beacon Books B237 1959

Man Or Woman, Sister Or Brother, Her Lust Knew No Bounds!

Pitilessly Exposes The Depravity Of The True Addict, Who Takes Lovers Without Number, Performs Every Heinous Vice, In Order To Embrace Her One True Love… The Needle!

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Hooked (Narcotics: America’s Peril)

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The Brutal Truth About Dope And Crime


The Marijuana Mob (Original Title: Figure It Out For Yourself)