The Treasure Rapers


Hitler’s gold was guarded by sharks for 25 years, waiting for Ryan, the man with the guts and the blonde to rip it out and fight for it

Also featuring I Rode With The Cycle Nymphs Who Stalk America, The Girl Who Played Virgin, and The Nude Captives Of Guerrilla Island


The Amazing Adventures Of John Goddard


Cannibals… Headhunters… Alligators… Snakes… He Fought Them All!

Also featuring How To Stop A Fight — Make Love!, I Ran Castro’s 6000-Girl Sex Ring, Strange Deaths Of 34 Soviet Generals, The Nudist-Cult Blackmail Ring, Bastard’s Revenge, and My “Very Private” Nurse


Journey To Damar: Pacific Paradise-Hell Isle Of The Everlasting Dead

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That sounded like a zombie story to me. But when I received the magazine and read it I found out “the everlasting dead” were not “living dead.” They’re dead dead. They’re the bodies of unfortunate victims of a South Seas tribe that likes to preserve the sacrificial victims they use in their tribal ceremonies. Ah well, the cover painting is still very cool — and so is the interior artwork for the story, which is titled “Ordeal on the Isle of the Everlasting Dead.”

Also includes How — When — Where: You Can Fight For Fortune Under Foreign Flags, and The Diet That Can Double Your Sexual Batting Average!

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Tokyo Vice Doll


A man-hungry, blonde geisha with a yen for treason, she was called “the most dangerous woman in Japan.” But right now Marlin’s life hung on whether she would pull the strings on her kimono — or the trigger on the gun in her hand.


Java Strip Joy Girl


A luscious hellion in black Chinese silk, she was the idol of thousands, the plaything of hundreds, but the possession of only one man — and he was willing to trade her in for something even hotter: a stolen atomic bomb.


Man-Hungry Nymph Who Stole Red China’s Secret “Super MiG”


Passion Target For A Yank Undercover Agent

They were murderous, sonic-crashing fighter-interceptors, the Reds’ first challenge to our 104A’s, and if even one squadron of them reached Viet Nam, thousands of GI’s might die. Then a steel-gutted CIA ace and an ivory-skinned love tiger plunged thousands of miles into enemy territory on the Cold War’s most desperate sabotage flight, determined to turn this armada of “miracle planes” into a forest of scorched junk



The Blonde Sex Machine


It was obvious that Bixler and Gloria were out to get me, but as long as the plan of attack included throwing her lush, ready body in my way I was a willing target.


The Cycle Ravishers


Bill thought the combat action was over for him — but a gang of girl-stealing hoods on wheels out on a vicious, thrill-seeking rampage made him change his mind.


Gullible’s Travels


What would YOU do if you came out of prison, found out that another guy had moved in with your beautiful woman — and you dare not hit him lest you go back to that rock pile?


I Fought Castro’s Cutthroat Guerrilla Squad

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From the April 1970 issue of For Men Only


Stag Annual 1968

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Stag Annual 1968
21219319-earl norem. action painting

A jam-packed special issue, featuring ‘Last Night With Laura, Hot Afternoon With Ellen‘, ‘Villa of Assassins: A U.S. Agent’s Hunt For A Terror Master‘, ‘“Killer” Medical Labs: Mistakes That Doom Thousands of Americans Every Year‘, ‘Sin on the Assembly Line: Wild Antics of Those “Coffee Break” Passion Dolls‘, ‘The 25 Worst Sex Hangups: Solved Honestly and Factually‘, “Howitzer Bandit” Who Blasted Open A Gold Fortress‘, and finally ‘Pussycat: Another episode in the adventures of the world’s most gorgeous agent

I actually really want to read this issue.

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Holiday Pickup Blonde


I don’t know if the guy in this picture (seen only as a pair of shoes) is in the process of being caught, or being left alone.

Illustration by Earl Norem for For Men Only, December 1968, the cover of which is here.