The Queer Frenzy

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Love-Starved, Willing Women Lusted Shamelessly For His Masculinity To Satisfy Their Carnal Desires… In Vain!!

From the back:

Passion Burned In Him Like Wildfire As He Frenziedly Sought That Peculiar Kind Of Woman Who Alone Knew How To Cool The Fires Of Love.
A surging rock ‘n roll beat drove him toward his weird fate. Unfulfilled desire led him into a crazed half-world of ruthless love and bloody death for profit, a shadowy world of wanton women and frustrated men. Luscious, swinging beauties failed to satisfy his longings and he desperately hunted salvation… before it was too late!!!

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The Topless Tulip Caper

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More about Chip Harrison. Full-time private eye. Part-time lover. A new adventure in murder and sex and other wholesome amusements.

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Make Out With Murder


Another irresistible chapter in the life of Chip Harrison, one-man anti-chastity movement.


Chip Harrison Scores Again


The hilarious and erotic adventures of a stalwart, sex-intoxicated young hero
Founder of the One-Boy Anti-Chastity Movement




Was She The Victim Of His Passion — Or A Tormentor He Couldn’t Escape?

She teased him with her tongue… She tortured him with her eyes… She taunted him with her body… Until he committed the one intolerable act she could not anticipate — and whose consequences neither of them could foresee.


Too Sweet To Die (A John Easy Mystery)

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The Hollywood dick and the girl the gorillas wanted

The cast of characters: John Easy, the swinging, VW-driving, Hollywood private eye, the man in the gorilla suit, the ex-legislator with the fag secretary, and the thug pals. The doctor who directed the Howl Therapy clinic, the Fellini of skin flicks and his harem of sexpots, and Jill Jeffers, the girl who was Too Sweet to Die