The Golden Man

Doc Savage April 1941

Doc Savage, marvel man of our age, matches brains and brawn with a most amazing creature


Waves Of Death

Doc Savage February 1943

Has Nature Gone Berserk, Or Is Some Evil Genius Behind The Waves Of Death


The Living Fire Menace

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Doc Savage January 1938 thumbnail
Doc Savage January 1938

Nations arming for international conflict engage in a behind-the-scenes mineral war that threatens to disrupt the natural balance of the universe. Doc Savage rises to the peak of his strength and wit to uncover the secret of the cavern with the living fire.

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The Phantom Gunman

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I love that one woman is cowering in the back screaming, and the other is coolly returning fire.

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The Running Skeletons


What Makes Them Run? Read This Exciting, Unusual Novel Complete In This Issue