The Dream and the Flesh (Original Title: The Peacock Is A Gentleman) (1956)


Maguire’s 1959 cover is here


All The Way (1958)


“If you won’t help kill him for the money, do it because you love me,” she said. And he couldn’t say no…


Iron Lover


The incredible saga of a fabulous Englishman who built his own army to storm the mighty kingdoms of Italy and win the daughter of his enemy



Beacon Softcover Library SCL S95239

The scalding story of a young wife caught up in bisexuality!

This is the third edition of this novel I have posted, but I can’t find any record of it existing anywhere, not even a publication year. The artwork was previously used for The Other Kind

From the back:

How does a girl know whether or not she is a Lesbian? The question occurred to happily married Mavis after she accepted the twisted advances of Louise Smythe and found herself enjoying it!
Mavis yielded to that handsome pervert in order to help her husband’s career. But his response was to visit motels with sexy Gloria Haynes. All he had given Mavis, she now had to get from lusting Louise-and did.
Her wicked pleasures tortured Mavis. Was she one of those AC/DC types, she asked herself? Or actually a genuine Lesbian? She could force a solution, Mavis knew, by tricking the other two women into each other’s arms, thus releasing her husband-but did she want to?
This frank and unusual novel tells how the seeds of warped passion sprout-how they are nurtured-how sometimes they can be uprooted!


Community Of Women

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Beacon Book #B466F, 1961 thumbnail
Community Of Women
Beacon Book #B466F, 1961

When the last commuter train pulls out of the station, it leaves behind a… Community Of Women… idle young matrons, finely bred but bored… their empty days filled with card games, cocktails and daring dreams… their empty beds waiting — often for the next deliveryman!

A Biting And Frank Novel Probing The Frustrated World Of Push-Button Kitchens — And Doorbell Love!


The Jet Sex

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International playgirls and playboys who make up a world of their own — a world where money takes the place of morals and thrill-seeking passes for love!


The In Group

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What happens when bored and lonely women become too sophisticated?
These suburban wives had their own sexual code. Anything went — even lesbianism — so long as it was limited to their club!

From the back:

It was a tight little suburban clique, made up of husbands who were driven to money, and wives who were driven to other women’s husbands—and to each other. There was Kim, who believes in marital fidelity, but thought an affair with another woman didn’t count. Judy was more discriminating—she was for men, all the way. Lila, on the other hand, turned to men and women when she wanted loving. It wasn’t that these people had no moral standards. They did! Loyally, they limited their actions to their own little “in” group—no outsiders allowed. A big blowup couldn’t be avoided when news of the group’s illicit activities got out. But somehow, that only added spice to the reshuffling of couples for suburbia’s favorite game!

This cover was previously used for Cry Rape


The Swingers

Beacon Softcover Library #B864X, 1965

“Traveling around” was accepted practice for married couples!
Scathing and scalpel sharp… The story of a swinging suburb where mates get mixed along with the martinis

From the back:

Welcome to the swinging, swapping suburban set — where couples are rated and partners switched with pushbutton ease! 
Rick and Nina found the neighborhood ” mating game” gave an exciting new fillip to their own waning marriage. They found new thrills in toting up their score cards, threw themselves with headlong abandon into a vortex of sensation-seeking as they competed with each other for “high-score.”
Nina made the rounds of husbands and Rick completed the circuit of wives. But at last one fatal step too far down the perverse path brought them face to face with a shocking realization about themselves — and about their friend, attractive Gerry Dennison,. Gerry’s forbidden longings, it was clear, rendered her completely vulnerable to the warped ways of — The Swingers


Mission for Vengeance

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Gold Medal Book #s773 1958

He left behind a bloody trail of torture and death

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Cry Rape


A young, high-voltage executive on the way to the top, Jack Marson demanded the best — in the worst way! He got it, too… from cozy play-girls like Lee… from sultry types like Marilyn. Then one night the dread message reached him…


The Saturday Night Party


Planned adultery in a luxury suburb…