My Deadly Angel

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Heaven was a girl named Paula — her kiss — a passport to hell
A missing girl — a trail of blood — Terror at the end

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Sex Nest / Yesterday’s Virgin

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College Boy Moves In On His Father’s Women…
An Explosive Novel Of Father And Son Competing For Love And Lust In Modern Suburbia

One taste and she was hooked. She wanted more love. Wild love. Hot, sweet love!

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Passport To Terror

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“Love me tonight,” she whispered. “Tomorrow you’ll spit on my grave…”

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Best Seller

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A frank and ruthless novel that tears the lid off the publishing racket

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Object of Lust


A Novel That Probes Secret Motives: — Of Men To Possess — Of Women To Be Taken!


Witch With Blue Eyes


She was easy to possess but hard to hold!
A Novel That Takes You Behind The Doors Of The New American Phenomenon — The Plush Roadside Motel

This cover was later used for half of the The Bigamist cover


The Bigamist

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About to be elected to high office, he learned he had two wives. Both were beautiful… both were faithless… both surfeited him with voluptuous delights…
Ruin Threatened Handsome Todd Amhurst. Could He Love His Way Out Of This Sex-Sick Dilemma?

From the back:

Politics And Passion Make Poor Bed-Partners! A Sex-Filled Novel About Smoke-Filed Rooms!

Black-haired Julie Kane had needed men badly — ever since her swelling breasts and hips had first drawn whistles. She married while little more than a child, but when her virile young husband, Todd Amhurst, shipped off to the Pacific there were many hot-blooded males eager to fill in for him…
Julie disappeared before Todd’s return and under the astute guidance of her new-found lover, Matt Johnson, she saw the insides of more hotel rooms than a chambermaid. Years later, Julie learned from the newspapers that Todd was about to be nominated for Governor and that he had acquired a second wife.
Here was an opportunity for big-time extortion if she ever saw one! What followed in the passionate weeks after Julie and Todd renewed their early love-making can be explained only by the strange inconsistencies of women.

This left side of this cover art was used for Witch With Blue Eyes

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Fly Girl / The Club

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Beacon Books B433Y, 1961

Are Airline Hostesses Hard To Get? Cynthia Westland WASN’T!

When a jet-powered hostess and a hot pilot lock horns, no holds are barred and the sky’s the limit…

Here Is The Frankly Told Story Of The Girls Who Live Dangerously — And Love Recklessly!


Four restless husbands, four willing wives… and sixteen scandalous reasons why they rode a merry-go-round of wild switch and swap!

Fly Girl was also published with a more explicitly flight-oriented cover.

The Club was also published with an unusual horizontal cover painted by Victor Olson

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Customer’s Woman

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Andra made both time and money learning what jaded money-men wanted — and what they were willing to pay for it!

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The Blackboard Jungle

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Violence and hatred among teen-age hoodlums — the best-selling novel of a burning problem

A novel of juvenile delinquents

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The Whispered Sex

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The Intimate Story Of A Forbidden Affair

From the back:

She had come in from the pool naked and Joyce found herself looking at the aesthetically proportioned body, then turning away, unaccountably embarrassed. “Wait up for me tonight,” Vikki had whispered-and she remembered the erratic pounding of her heart. “Take a cat nap if you get sleepy. Or read. There’s a wonderful book about our kind of love…”