Special Features For Red-Blooded Men

Exotic Magazine No.2 1958 thumbnail
Exotic Magazine May 1958 thumbnail
Exotic Magazine No.2 1958
Exotic Magazine May 1958

The second of only 6 issues

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Chinese Mati Hari

Exotic Adventures thumbnail
Exotic Adventures April 1958 thumbnail
Exotic Adventures
Exotic Adventures April 1958

Also, Tahiti: Lusty Island Of Untamed Women, Trapped By Mau Mau Terror! and Nudist Paradise On The Riviera

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Selected Man-Pleasing Features!

Exotic Adventures #1 1958 thumbnail
Exotic Adventures V1 #1 1958 thumbnail
Exotic Adventures #1 1958
Exotic Adventures V1 #1 1958

Includes Japan’s Shocking Abortion Craze and The Sex-Starved Women Of Burma

First issue. It looks like this cover was reused for Action For Men, but for some reason they added a second guy.


Soviet Slave Camp: Torture In Hell

Exotic Magazine 1959 thumbnail
Exotic 1957 thumbnail
Exotic Magazine 1959
Exotic 1957

The last of only six issues

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Special: The Sex Orgies Of Sarawak

Exotic Adventures 1959 thumbnail
Exotic Adventures May 1958 thumbnail
Exotic Adventures 1959
Exotic Adventures May 1958

Also, France’s Nude Model Ball. This entire issue can be downloaded here

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Island Of Love-Starved Women

Exotic Adventures Vol. 1 No. 5 1959

Also featuring The Arabian Slave-Girl Racket and Terror In The Far East: The Wolf-Women Of India