Special Features For Red-Blooded Men

Exotic Magazine No.2 1958

The second of only 6 issues


Chinese Mati Hari

Exotic Adventures

Also, Tahiti: Lusty Island Of Untamed Women, Trapped By Mau Mau Terror! and Nudist Paradise On The Riviera


Selected Man-Pleasing Features!

Exotic Adventures #1 1958 thumbnail
Exotic Adventures V1 #1 1958 thumbnail
Exotic Adventures #1 1958
Exotic Adventures V1 #1 1958

Includes Japan’s Shocking Abortion Craze and The Sex-Starved Women Of Burma

First issue. It looks like this cover was reused for Action For Men, but for some reason they added a second guy.


Soviet Slave Camp: Torture In Hell

Exotic Magazine 1959 thumbnail
Exotic 1957 thumbnail
Exotic Magazine 1959
Exotic 1957

The last of only six issues

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Special: The Sex Orgies Of Sarawak

Exotic Adventures 1959

Also, France’s Nude Model Ball. This entire issue can be downloaded here

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Island Of Love-Starved Women

Exotic Adventures Vol. 1 No. 5 1959

Also featuring The Arabian Slave-Girl Racket and Terror In The Far East: The Wolf-Women Of India