The Stripped Virgin and Satan’s Disciples

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MAN’S STORY, October 1971
Man's Story Magazine October 1971

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Whip Of Death (Man’s Action)

Man's Action (March, 1958).

Also, To Hell With Freeloading Veterans! and Satan’s Pigs Ate Us Alive!


Soft Brides For The Hermit of Horror


Even though it has a completely different cover and a different title, this is apparently the exact same magazine as this one. Both include Inside The Girls-Of-All-Nations Lust CommuneVice and Violence: The Twin Terrors Of Our Classrooms, and Intimate Confessions of a Rough Trade Chick


The Abnormal Needs Of Career Women


Also featuring Illicit Sex — Cure Or Curse?, The Screaming Virgins Of The City Of Horror, Teen Punks on The Prowl: Rape–Ravage–Riot, and Hot Lead For The Nazis’ Maiden-Butchering Monster