Hell Raft

For Men Only July 1959

149 Started Out — Only 15 Survived

Also featuring The P.O.W.’s Who Took Over A Geisha Compound


The Yankee Gunslinger Who Rustled A Harem

For Men Only July 1957

Also, Legion Of Lust and The Secret Behind Saipan’s Blood Bath


Lt. Winters’ Apache

For Men Only May 1957

Also, The Castaway And His South Sea Harem and Boston’s Vice-Crazy Jail


Danger: 400 Volts of Eel

For Men Only June 1955

Also, I Cover The Sex Beat and We Struck Pay-Dirt in the Desert


The Night Of The Marlin Mutiny!

For Men Only July 1954

Also featuring We Were Slaves Of The Amazon, Stripped For Sin, and Jinx Safari


Drown The Guns At Trondheim

FOR MEN ONLY August 1965 12-8

via the Jordan Evans collection

The Night The Mob Took Over “Thrill Park”

Cover of  FOR MEN ONLY, November 1967. thumbnail
FOR MEN ONLY, November 1967. thumbnail
Cover of  FOR MEN ONLY, November 1967.
FOR MEN ONLY, November 1967.

Also featuring The Nude Castaways (A lifeboat packed with seven desperate men and a man-hungry blonde who knew how to survive), Free Love “Angels”, We Survived Africa’s 10,000 Corpse Massacre, and America’s Divebombing, Cong-Blasting Commandos