Three Way Swap

Brandon House 734 1965 thumbnail
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Brandon House 734 1965

They Changed Mates For New Thrills — Until They Almost Lost The Real Meaning Of Sexual Love

Cover art was later reused for Debbie’s Erotic Dreams


The Three Way Set

Brandon House 951 1965

They Traded Mates In Their Frantic Search For Unusual Ways To Satisfy Their Desires


The Wayward Bride

Brandon House 1121 1967

Two years a bride in name only — she could not deny the burning hungers of her love-starved body any longer.

I am going to assume her husband is gay.


Male Mistress

Brandon House 905 1964

Women Paid For Him — Fought For Him — Even Begged For Him… He Was That Good At It!


The Love Trap

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Brandon House 948 1965
Brandon House 948 1966

Aspiring Stars and Starlets Submit to Twisted Desires in… The Love Trap

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The 9 to 5 Mistresses

Brandon House 922 1965

A Behind-The-Scenes Peek At The Special Activities Performed By Some Secretaries In Return For Their Extra-High Salaries!


So Violent My Love

Brandon House 971 1966

He Was Toying With Dynamite — Three Lush, Willing Dolls! Which One Knew The Deadly Secret?


Share My Wife

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Brandon House 962 1966

She was willing to try anything to hold on to her husband, including lesbian love!

Cover was later reused for Soft and Savage

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The College Pro

Brandon House 912 1965

He Looked At All The Young Girls On Campus… Girls Eager To Learn About Love — And He Knew He Had It Made!

Cover was later reused for The Athletic Coach


Sinner’s Town

Brandon House 953 1966 thumbnail
Brandon House 953 1966 thumbnail
Brandon House 953 1966
Brandon House 953 1966

It Was Open Season, Not Only For Deer Hunters But For The Passion Trappers

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The Carnal Trap

Brandon House 1038 1966

A Loving Wife With Cash Was Not Enough. He Had To Go And Fall Into — The Carnal Trap


The Wilder Scene

Brandon House 1073 1967

Peggy knew her way among the secret places on both sides of the Street Of Love — what she did not know was herself.


Divorce Bait (1965)

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Brandon House 952 1965 thumbnail
Brandon House 952 1965

The dissipated Hollywood star used sex blackmail to win his top roles

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Silent Outrage

Brandon House 942 1965

No Woman Was Safe From The Unnatural Lusts Of The Maniac Who Lived In Their Midst — And Waited For Night To Strike