Sex Week

Brandon House Books No. 923 1965

It started like any other week… but for Ellen it suddenly became one of upheaval as her unbridled desire crashed to the surface and left her in the eager grip of a ruthless lesbian!

I love how our two illicit lovers are apparently sharing that bikini.


That Kind of Girl


Seeking escape from sex frustrations of the past she was trapped in a vortex of forbidden love!


Too Young to Wait


College students on a sex spree turn a quiet resort town into a wantonly turbulent passion pit!


The Restless Beds

Brandon House 737 1965 thumbnail
Brandon House 737 1965 thumbnail
Brandon House 737 1965
Brandon House 737 1965

She Was Young, Beautiful, And Ready For Love, But She Found Only Lust On… The Restless Beds

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Amateur Night


The Love Story Of A Confirmed Lesbian And A Blonde Nympho


Gay Ritual

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Brandon House 1147 1968 thumbnail
1968 Brandon House 1147
Brandon House 1147 1968

The story of an exotic dancer named Tamara whose smoldering body drove her to forbidden lusts!

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Bed Slave


Her duties as maid to the wealthy widow included the performance of some very special extra services!


Sophisticated Sinner


She looked like a lady … but her lovers knew better!

Wait, WHAT?!

Narda had been a top starlet, but her body had betrayed her. Now she was determined to use her body to get back to the top!


Man For Hire


In the glittering world of sensuality and lust, he sold himself to the highest bidder for moey, fame, and all the beautiful girls he could handle!


Beat Nymph


She was a wild girl seeking kicks — and got them with the willing girls and the eager guys of the beat crowd.


Velvet Seduction

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Brandon House #965
Brandon House #965 Back

The bold and shocking exposé of a French boarding school for young girls, where the curriculum offered private lessons in sex, seduction, and bizarre discipline.

Of course, I am sure this exposé was thoroughly researched.