Women’s Work

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This entire issue can be downloaded here

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Wreckers Of The Star Patrol


Also featuring Cham Of The Hills and Return From Zero. This entire issue can be downloaded here

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Dead Storage (Argosy)

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Argosy November 5, 1938

Not related to this book. This entire issue can be downloaded here.

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The Dead Don’t Die / The Fifth Grave

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She Was Betrothed To A Dead Man

A hard-boiled novel of strange love and violent death in a madmen’s cult

This issue of Popular Detective also contains Murder Off Honduras, and the entire issue can be read here.

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Remember Makano!


Earth Fights Invaders From Outer Space!

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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Space Busters vs. Amazons: Charge Of The Battle Women

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Earth Fights Invasion From Outer Space!

Torture on Mars — Death Rite Of The Dwarfs

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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The Captive Princess… Slave King Of Pluto


Also includes Mystery Of The Hermit Planet… The Free State Of Hecuba and Gangsters Of Space…. Robber Barons Of Deimos

I feel like there should be an “of” in that title. A tie-in with the TV show of the same name, this was the second and final issue. You can download and read the entire thing here


Assassin Of The Burning Sands


Also featuring Merchant of Death… The Krosno Butcher

This complete issue can be downloaded here


Tell It To The Feds!

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Also, Operation Sky-High.This entire issue can be downloaded here.

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The War Of The Worlds (Famous Fantastic)


This entire issue can be downloaded here


The Dragon of Kao Tsu

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Spicy Adventure Stories September 1936
SAS_1939_09 contents
SAS_1939_09 p4-5
SAS_1939_09 p20
SAS_1939_09 p9
SAS_1939_09 p13
SAS_1939_09 p16-17
SAS_1939_09 p25
SAS_1939_09 p45
SAS_1939_09 p28
SAS_1939_09 p49
SAS_1939_09 p32
SAS_1939_09 p54-55
SAS_1939_09 p37
SAS_1939_09 p41
SAS_1939_09 p63
SAS_1939_09 p66-67
SAS_1939_09 p71
SAS_1939_09 p75
SAS_1939_09 p78
SAS_1939_09 p83
SAS_1939_09 p86-87
SAS_1939_09 p91
SAS_1939_09 p101
SAS_1939_09 p109

She came from high society and she should have known she had no business associating with a gorilla like Wild Bill Clanton. However, the job she wanted done was plain burglary, and her code of honor wouldn’t let her turn thief!

By Sam Walser (a.k.a. Robert E. Howard). You can download this complete issue here.

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The Curse of the “Star”

Short Stories February 1951

Her cargo was a secret one!

This entire issue can be be downloaded here


A Million Years To Conquer

Startling Stories November 1940 thumbnail
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Startling Stories November 1940

This entire issue can be downloaded here


“I Begged Them To Kill Me”

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TrueDetective 06-1956

She Was A Prisoner Of Two Ruthless Men

This entire issue can be downloaded here