The Private Life of Julius Caesar (Original Title: Venus With Us)

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Roman splendors, far-flung conquests, voluptuous spectacles and cruel debauches… And sensuous women from many lands in the arms of the fabulous Julius!

By William Marston, better known as the creator of Wonder Woman

From the back:

Here is the whole bold panorama of Roman times—the debauchery, the wars, the barbaric revels and cruelties, the old pagan rites on the altar of Venus. Here also is the piquant personal history of the young Julius Caesar, greatest swordsman and statesman of his day and probably the greatest lover! From Egypt to England, from Greece to Gaul, he came, he saw, he conquered. But slave girl and vestal virgin, courtesan and queen, each in turn conquered Caesar!


Rainbow Road

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They Were Driven By Lust — For Gold And Women

From the back:

Sacred And Profane Love

A surging novel of men who lived and died for gold — and the women who shared their passion

Nancy, the wanton Indian girl, who found it natural to give herself to an ex-convict. Sophisticated Junie, the dance-hall hostess, whose lover made a living out of women. And Debby, who was too innocent for a rough mining camp, but loved a renegade.