Scales of Justice


He lay beside the gently whispering stream — murdered!

Is this book actually about a fish that was murdered by a cat? We can only assume that it is.


Sex Town


Gutters Of Lust Ran Wild In This… Sex Town


The Case of the Hated Senator (DEAD: Senate Office Building)

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Manhunt (March 1953)

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Manhunt March 1953

This entire issue can be downloaded here


Murder of the Park Ave. Playgirl (Original Title: Report For A Corpse)


One man too many had a key to 219 Park Avenue


The Four False Weapons (1st Printing)

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The Murder Of A Kept Woman

A strange case of a lovely wanton who was mistress to half the men in Paris

From the back:

One Lover Too Many

Rose Klonec had had more lovers than she could count. She took them for all they had, then left them. Ralph Douglas was the exception. He broke off their affair himself. And he did it to become engaged to wealthy Magda Toller. But he was by no means free of Rose. When her dead body turned up in his country villa he found himself under suspicion of murder. Four deadly weapons lay near Rose: a pistol, a razor, a box of poison pills and a stiletto. Then Henri Bencolin, famous French sleuth, upset the case by proving the weapons were false and that Magda herself was the daughter of a street walker and a murderer. But Rose’s killer was not unmasked until the night of a weird card game at the Corpses’ Club — a game no person alive had ever played!

Later republished by Berkeley. This complete book can be downloaded here

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Ten Days’ Wonder


A Pattern Of Deadly Sins Leads To A Vicious Killer!


Death-Dance of the Broken Dolls

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Dime Mystery March 1947

Also, What Makes Sammy Kill? This entire issue can be downloaded here


The Face That Killed


Also featuring Drink And Die. This entire issue can be downloaded here.