Golden Tramp

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She’d Try Anything Once — Or Anybody!

Gay was a peculiar girl… So bewitchingly beautiful… Yet she would give herself willingly to men, to women, even to complete strangers — Why? What drove her to this endless orgy of the flesh?

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Helena’s House (1960)


A Novel That Gives You A Keyhole View Into “America’s Upper Class Bedroom” — The Party Mad, Alcoholic Suburbs — Where The Only Thing Cheap Is Love…!

The Shocking Chronicle Of A Wild Weekend In Suburbia

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A Strange Woman — A Stranger Love

From the back:

Perversity is the story of the compelling passion that overwhelmed two men and a woman in the rain-swept backstreets of Paris.

Irma, the young and wanton prostitute, lived with her “man” Bébart. Then her brother’s strangely perverse passion sudenly dragged all three of them down into a nightmare of agony and torture…


Death Has 2 Faces

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Unraveling One Killing Left Another!

A rogue cop with ready gun… loose in a frightened city!

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Woman Alone

Beacon Books B501F, 1962

What does a single woman do when she is afire with passion?

A Novel That Probes Deep Into The Problem Of What The Modern “Women Alone” Does When She Is Tempted And Can No Longer Resist!

“Probes Deep Into The Problem” sounds about right.


The Sweet Smell Of Sin


Sex and money were all that existed for him — and all he existed for!

From the back:

To Andy Stark, everything was a business … and every human being had a price-tag. He juggled men and women the way he juggled the books of his many corporations. And a woman he wanted was not much different from anything else he wanted to buy.
There was Selma, who kept her voluptuous body ready for a one-night stand any time Stark said the word. There was Millie, who professed a moral code totally alien to him, and flaunted her wicked curves in a way a burlesque stripper would envy. There was Cleo, married to a dime-a-dozen slob Stark could have bought many times over, and aching desperately for climactic fulfillment from a real he-man…
Nothing could stop him from getting richer and more powerful; nothing could bottle up his huge, ferocious lusts. Nothing except his own greed…


The Violent Lady


She Was A Double-Dealing Dame With A Passion FOr Money And Men

From the back:

You’re Clint Sheldon, a man with a mission—to raise the $6,000 to save your 49-foot yawl, Restless.
So you charter the ship out to Malvino Gia and his hot-eyed wife,, Lois. But once under sail you find out they aren’t after pleasure; they’re after treasure — $250,000 worth of jewels lying at the bottom of the sea—and they need you to get it.
But you nix the deal. Only Gia pulls a gun and you’re forced to go along. Then Lois comes to you with a proposition. All you have to do is help her double-cross Gia and you can walk off with the loot—and her.
Suddenly you find yourself in a tight squeeze between Gia’s gun, Lois’ charms and Hurricane Donna’s fury. Now you stand to lose the dame, the dough and the debt you owe unless you can find a way to get out before all hell breaks loose.


The Paper Doll

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Black Mask July 1951

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