I Rescued Slave Girls From Chinatown Underground Dens

True Mystic Crimes - April 1931

The only issue of this title


Revolt Of The Circus Freaks

Horror Stories - October 1938 thumbnail
Horror Stories - October Nov1938 thumbnail
Horror Stories - October 1938
Horror Stories - October Nov1938

Also, Priestess Of The Plague

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Michigan’s ‘Gorilla’ Murderer

Startling Detective July 1930

This entire issue can be downloaded here

Girls For The Spider-Men

Terror Tales September-October 1938 thumbnail
23132788-CHV-144 thumbnail
Terror Tales September-October 1938

Also includes The Things That Darkness Spawned

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Brides For The Half-Men

Sinister Stories Magazine - February 1940 thumbnail
Sinister Stories February 1940 thumbnail
SinisterStories11940vg thumbnail
Sinister Stories Magazine - February 1940
Sinister Stories February 1940

Cover was reused from Terror Tales, September/October 1938

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