The Divided Path


The subtle story of a young man in the strange world of the “third sex”

“Subtle” isn’t a word we use much around here.

From the back:

He had known infatuation, but this… this was different! Bigger than anything he’d ever felt before. And it did not seem ‘unnatural.’ Now he felt himself quiveringly alive with an emotion that threatened to overwhelm him. Here was a situation he must face – one from which he had no desire to escape, yet he felt he must do so. A feeling of terror obsessed him. He must not see Paul again. And even as he made that decision, he knew that he lied to himself.


Tropic Fury

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Monarch Books, 1961

A High-Powered Novel Of Love And Treachery During The Japanese Invasion Of Malaya

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Cornbread Aristocrat (1951)


He Ruled a Brawling Frontier Town But He Couldn’t Tame The Woman He Wanted


The Scarlet Pimpernel


Romance, adventure — the thrilling exploits of an undercover agent

Cover art was reused for The Falcon


The Color of Blood

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Permabooks, 1948

He Loved — As He Lived And Fought — Like A Wild Beast

Not related to this book of the same name.

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Two Surgeons

TWO SURGEONS – Lancer 70-012, 1962 PBO

They Struggled Over A Beautiful Woman While A Child’s Life Hung In The Balance


5 Who Vanished


A young blonde, a frantic redhead, a jealous mother — into their lives came violence, dread and death