The Swamp Thing

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Thrilling Mystery - January 1939

A Novelette of Weird Heritage

Also featuring City Of Dreadful Night

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The Bloody Diamonds Of The Green Hell Maidens

Man's Action February 1967

A jungle paradise and the lust for treasure drove this tough, on-the-run, Yankee adventurer to face a brutal, savage death from the vicious, blood-thirsty headhunters of the Matto Grosso in his search for — The Bloody Diamonds Of The Green Hell Maidens

Also, Doctor’s Machine Makes Love Better Than Men!


Snake Goddess

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Strange Stories August 1939

I am not sure what it says about this website that I have tags for Heads, Skull, Tentacles, and At Sea, but I sure needed them all for this cover. But oddly, not the Snake tag.

Also includes The Citadel Of Darkness

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Bloody Panga: The Story of ‘Mau Mau’ Terror


Also, Santiago: Passion Pit of the Andes



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Ember Library 309
Ember library #EL-321 1966

Agent 0008 Battles The Roman Sin Hordes Of — Gamefinger

From the back:

In Eros Island’s modern Coliseum, lusty men and voluptuous girls stoically massacred each other while the TV cameras captured every bloody scene… Meanwhile, the rocket experts readied the pirate satellites that would soon broadcast the spectacles of slaughter to every nation on earth… still, 0008 waited for the signal that would mean the end of the mad genius that had created Roman Games ’66, the man called Gamefinger

You can download this complete novel here

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Left Bank of Desire

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Left Bank of Desire, paperback cover, 1955

They pursued pleasures forbidden even in Paris

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The Desdamona Affair


Lover-Killer 0008 Meets The Wanton Of All Time In — The Desdamona Affair

From the back:

Menaced by the War on Poverty, SADISTO is poverty stricken! 0008’s career of wanton seduction and assassination is ended… unless he bags a fortune stolen by the international mystery woman of the jet set, ravishingly sadistic D. Eva de Struxion, who alone holds the key to modern science’s most fantastic breakthrough — a secret every agent in the world hungers for… SADISTO’s darkest hour became the Desdamona Affair

This entire book can be downloaded here