Dance of the Bloodless Ones

Terror Tales, July-August 1937

Also, Satan’s Love Bazaar


The Nude Bikini Debs Of The Death-Head Gang

Man's True Danger December 1962

Also featuring Nine Love Traps To Be Aware Of, Nympho Wives, We Raided The Bordello Of Bored Women And Their Illicit Lovers and Seaman Wilbur Longbaugh’s Seven Year Love Battle


“We Love Wife-Swapping!”

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Man's Prime March 1964 thumbnail
Syd Shores
Man's Prime March 1964

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The Sin Makers

Pillar Book 801 1963

Every Wanton Became A Passion Toy For — The Sin Makers


The “Gauntlet” Ordeal Of Lieut. Dugan And The Naked Dancer

Man's Action December 1962

Also includes Scandinavia: The World’s Free Love Paradise, Nude Judge, Nude Jury, and Rhode Island’s Sunken Sub Treasure,


Bring Out The Chained Beauty Of The Nazi’s Blood Castle

World Of Men May 1967


You’re My Knife!

Off Beat Detective Stories May 1960

These titles don’t always make the most sense, but this one makes less sense than usual.


Bribe Me With Lust!

Off Beat Detective Stories Nov 1960

Also, Dream Deadly Doll! and Judge Me In Hell!


Frame Me In Satin!

Off Beat Detective Stories Sept 1960

Also, Burn For Me, Darling! and Little Sister of Lust


Lust Won’t Wait

Off Beat Detective Stories May 1962

It’s debatable, but I am tagging this “Human Sacrifice”. Also featuring Name Your Poison, Evil Maiden Of Desire, and As Red As Blood