One of Hitler’s girl victims tells How It Feels To Be Tortured


Also, ‘Folks who Live For The Glory of Pain’, ‘Tani Hebbler — The Girls With A Thirst For Human Blood’, ‘The Gang Raid That Almost Destroyed New York’, and “Wife-Swapping — The Best Thing We Ever Did!”


Dark Fury


A big, lusty saga of a privateer who took what he wanted — and the magnificent woman who was his greatest prize


The Big Touch


November 1953 issue
– Henry Kane – The Big Touch
– Bruno Fischer – Coney Island Incident
– Craig Rice – The Bells are Ringing
– Fletcher Flora – A long Way to KC
– Evan Hunter – The right Hand of Garth
– Charles Beckman Jr – Case History
– Jonathan Craig – Kid Stuff
– Richard Masten – Classification
– Peter Paige – The Watcher
– Raymond J. Dyer – Six Stories


The Solar Invasion: A Captain Future Novel

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Startling Stories, Fall 1946 thumbnail
Startling Stories, Fall 1946

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Kuwait: Richest, Wildest Kingdom on Earth


Every 468th man in this slaphappy, oil-soaked “Arabian Nights” Paradise in a millionaire plus — living high off the camel in air-conditioned, neon-lit palaces with a beauty pageant parade of wives and mistresses “imported” from around the world.

When is the last time you hear Kuwait described as “slaphappy”?

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When The Death Light Shines


Yes, the evil cult leader is spray-painting the chained girl gold. No, I don’t know why.


King of the Corpse Trade

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Also includes Prey for the Creeping Death

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