Death in the Wind


“There was Death in the Wind for the four people who stood between the killer and a million-dollar inheritance.”


Cosmopolitan, August 1971


I would really like to know what story this was painted for, but I can’t find any details about it. It looks like an Arab costume on the woman, a vaguely ethnic guy, and Roman chariots. Something Byzantine, perhaps?


The Beasts Who Were Once Men


This poor woman is being drilled, snake harassed & branded, which might seem like overkill to some people.


The Wizard Of Venus

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Book by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Cover by Roy Krenkel.


Rawhide Killer


“Raw violence rips the town as settlers and Indians fight for gold!”

Triple-Cross Mob

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20232124-Gil Cohen duotone for STAG, Nov. 1971

The Lure Was Money… But Pilot Tom Carew Had a Different Racket

I am trying to imagine the circumstances that would lead to a man and woman running nude from a small plane with suitcases full of cash, while being pursued by what may be the authorities. 

Gil Cohen duotone for STAG, Nov. 1971

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Satan’s Workshop

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Spider March 1937 thumbnail
Spider March 1937

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Human Anchor in The Ice Pack


Also, ‘Messy Love Lives of Millionaires’, ‘TV: Killer In Your Living Room’, and ‘Mating Rite of the Python Princess’


Soft Decoys of Death to Smash the Krauts


Also, ‘Cooked Alive in the Ring of Horror’, ‘We Are Your Geisha Slaves, Sgt. Joe’, ‘The Bordello Blitz of France’s Harlot Army’, and ‘I Am Making My Wife A Killer’

Ride the Nazi’s Swing of Agony, Lovely Maiden

20131263-New Man - 1968 04 April - Cover by Basil Gogos

Also featuring Beware the Lust Traps of the She Wolves, Walk Into Death At Hell’s Crossroads, Shocking Scandal of Suburbia’s Strange Wives, Golden Nudes of the Monster Wizard, and my personal favorite, Fantastic Love War of the West’s Mother-Daughter Team.