Restless Women

52470762083-Beacon Books B303, 1960

An intimate portrayal of the lonely female— Thirsting for fulfillment— Starving for love—



Adventure February 1961

The Sea’s Most Shameful Secret

Also featuring Sex Behind Prison Bars, Why I Became A Harem Girl, and Japan’s Love Slave Market


The Terrible Day My Brother Killed My Husband

True Detective July 1958


Naked Fury

Naked Fury, paperback cover, 1952 thumbnail
Naked Fury 1952 thumbnail
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Naked Fury, paperback cover, 1952
Naked Fury 1952

Brutal Men… Dangerous Women… And Cold-Blooded Murder Stir A Small Town To A Frenzy Of Savage Revenge!

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Forrest Teel Cheated Once Too Often

The Bank Robbers, True Detective thumbnail
True Detective November 1958 thumbnail
The Bank Robbers, True Detective
True Detective November 1958

He was unfaithful to his wife for years, but his Indianapolis mistress wouldn’t take it


The Great Impersonation


This is a fantastic book, one of the great spy novels. I highly recommend reading it. Fortunately it is out of copyright, so you can read it here.