Attack of Brazil’s “White-Devil” Headhunters

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One Yank Builder Who Fought The Amazon’s “Tribe Of Lost Savages”

Also featuring; We Fought The Blood-Crazed Boars of the Smoky Mountains! Two Tennessee Outdoorsmen vs. The South’s Most Murderous Man-Killers…

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Female Platoon

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“Missing In Action” Clayborn Was Leading An All-Girl Guerrilla Band In The War’s Most Incredible Phase

If it hadn’t been for a “missing-in-action” sailor and his night-prowling jungle girls, Germany might have won the World War right on the Isthmus of Panama.

This issue also includes;

Doctor, Lawyer, Incredible Thief The fabulous Flatbush phony conned everybody from movie stars to the President. Then he tried to take on the FBI (art by Bruce Minney)

Name: Winston; Occupation: Agent-For-Hire; Specialty: Women — Anywhere Farouk’s confiscated movies were a gold mine for the European blackmail ring, but things blew higher than a kite when one of the victims wouldn’t play patsy. (art by Bruce Minney)

The Klondike Legend Of Diamond-Navel Nancy When she was 16, a gambler in a fancy vest showed her how to handle cards, guns and men. It took her just 10 years to parlay that information into the richest strike ever made in the gold fields of the Yukon (art by Al Rossi)

The Kid Ensign and the Sub-Invading Japs In the entire war od the submarines, only once did the enemy infantry attempt to board. And the job of beating them off fell to three sailors and their very junior C.O. (art by James Bama)


Messalina (1963)

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A Scorching, Magnificent Novel Of Imperial Rome

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Submarine Rescue


I am sure this illustration accompanied a story titled “The Yank Frogman Who Single-Handedly Destroyed Hitler’s Favorite Waffle Place” or some such, but I don’t actually know where it is from. Heritage Auctions unhelpfully lists this as “Men’s Adventure Magazine illustration”. If anyone knows which magazine it is from, and especially the name of the illustrated story, I would be most grateful. 


My Four Years In The Land Of Amazon Women


He shared their strangest customs, rites and taboos in the wildest adventure epic of the 20th Century

Also, ‘Last Girl Off Shipwreck Island’, and ‘The Baby-Faced Ensign Who Saved The U.S. Marines’