The Saint Around The World


Six Adventures in International Mayhem


Wanton for Murder


First of a brief series of novels featuring debonair detective Shomri Shomar, loaned by the Israeli government to the New York police department.

Joe Adamo, ambulance attendant, examined the drunk who had fallen off the tenement roof. He didn’t know what he was letting himself in for! For example: Neva Nerrell, the drunk’s gorgeous wife, who had fewer morals than an alley cat; or the drunk himself, not really a drunk, who would recover from his fall, but shortly turn up as a murder suspect!

Joe wanted to be a doctor. Instead he would up playing detective, and was mixed up with diamond smugglers, a wanton killer, and The Mob. Joe was in ‘way over his head. It would take Lieutenant Shomri Shomar, most unconventional of sleuths, to pull him out again.


A Riddle for Romeo: What Rhymes with Murder?



Love Stories of India

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Dell Books 530, 1951 thumbnail
Dell Books 530, 1951

Love — unusual and ordinary, forbidden and approved, sinful and sinless — in an ancient and mysterious land…


Death in the Wind


There was Death in the Wind for the four people who stood between the killer and a million-dollar inheritance.


The Wife Next Door

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44711199-126 R V Cassill The Wife Next Door GM060[2]

They met like two comets in the night — the bored and restless man, and the lush and willing woman.

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