The Dangerous One

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Her eyes said love, but her heart said murder — murder done to the music of Spanish gold

From the back:

It was Boke Carey’s kill of a lifetime, his pot at rainbow’s end — a million dollars in gold ingots buried in volcanic ash on a barren Central American island. Gold was Carey’s business.
Now he had it in sight — only the others on this palatial white yacht stood between the gold and Carey, in a kind of dark barrier of violence. 
There was Jodi, the platinum-haired Venus, a beautiful, chattering monkey of a girl who kept her eyes glued to the main chance. 
Anson, the oxllike consort of thieves, who gambled only on sure things-like beating a man to death. 
Lopez-O’Brien, the sadistic steward, who appeared out of nowhere — his only worldly possession an arsenal of knives.  And there was Sheila, the Spanish beauty as ruthless as he, the only one of them Carey feared — and loved.

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A Hearse of Another Color (1959)


Milo March, looking for a corpse, turns up a body that’s blonde dynamite!


The High Window

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Philip Marlowe, tracing a missing torch singer, uncovers blackmail, counterfeiting, adultery and Murder!

Philip Marlowe in a high-tension tale of intrigue and murder

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The Master Of Badger’s Hall


A fiery novel of Regency England — and the tempestuous affair of a beauty from the dissolute nobility and a virile pugilist from the criminal sporting world


Teen-Age Terror

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Gold Medal s734 1958

The inside story of juvenile delinquency told in actual cases of violence and sex

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The Gadget Maker


He Wanted To Build A Pathway To The Stars

She looks really interested in that gadget he is making.


The Big Water


Thieves, killers and madmen sought the secret she carried into the jungle on The Big Water