The Curse Of Rathlaw

Lancer 73-750 Paperback Original (1968). Cover Art by Jeff Jones

A vile prophecy spews from the Hermit of Back Loch — and once more The Guardians join battle with ancient evil…


Sorcerer’s Amulet

Lancer #73-707, 1968

Alone and outlawed, Dorian Hawkmoon fights on against the Dark Empire… and confronts the fantastic Mad God!


Black Is The Color

Pyramid # X-1955

A terrifying trip through the soul jazz clubs, bizarre sex clubs and sinister voodoo clubs of London’s seething Soho scene!


Sea Siege (1971)

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While this cover image by Jeff Jones is certainly awesome and a great piece of art in its own right, it is actually less dramatic than this cover for the same book.

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