The City Condemned To Hell

The Octopus #1, 1936

The only issue of this title.


The Suicide Battalion


From Canada had come the false feint at America’s great steel-armored line that warned Operator #5 that to save his country from the most astounding invasion in history, he and his picked aides must cross the sea to fight a desperate undercover battle with the three bandit nations of the Old World!


Patriots’ Death March


Operator #5 starts his grim march through Purple Empire territory to bring guns and ammunitions to our crumbling defenses in the West!


Invasion From The Sky

Operator 5, March-April 1939 thumbnail
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Operator 5, March-April 1939

Out of the sky, itself, came the giant airships with the strange armor-plated men who descended upon our eastern seaboard — to hold America in the ruthless grip of the most astounding invasion that the world had ever seen!

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The Dawn That Shook The World

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Operator #5 November 1938 thumbnail
Operator #5 November 1938

Operator #5 and his undercover aids had crossed the seas to battle a new Reign of Terror, which made the streets of Europe run with blood – and which turned loose upon America a strange vandal horde who could not be stopped by either guns or men!

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Cavern Of The Damned


An entire country transfixed–drawn by an intoxicating power to hurl themselves toward destruction. Beneath the Earth, in flaming furnaces of mystical power, lay Operator 5’s future. Will he risk his life–let alone betray the orders of the United States Intelligence Service–in order to dilute this devilish cult of death? Can Jimmy Christopher, with the aid of his loyal pal, Tim Donovan, defy temptation and meet this leprous annihilation head on?

Steele’s Operator 5 adventure has the entire Agency hypnotized–held in the grips of Zaavian cultists. Against Z-7’s orders, Jimmy Christopher will risk dying for his country. Can this spell be broken through this journey into the Cavern of the Damned?


The Yellow Scourge


In a naval escapade spanning coastal California to the Panama Canal, Operator 5 tackles a most cunning adversary–Chief secret agent of the Yellow Empire, Kara Vizna, the most dangerous, and most beautiful, secret agent alive.

The Asian Pacific Empire has demanded the surrender of the U.S. Pacific Fleets. Strike first and declare war afterward is their devilish strategy–counterfeiting American vessels to make it seem that the U.S. has instigated the attacks. Only Jimmy Christopher, known in the Intelligence department as Operator 5, has the wherewithal to defeat this devious reign of terror.