Cage of Lust (Original Title: Equinox)

Allan Seager, Cage of Lust. Pyramid, 1952 thumbnail
Pyramid Giant #G48, 1952 thumbnail
Allan Seager, Cage of Lust. Pyramid, 1952
Pyramid Giant #G48, 1952

A Subject Hitherto Only Whispered About!

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Hospital Doctor (Original Title: The Hippocratic Oath)

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Pyramid Giant #G67, 1952 thumbnail
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Pyramid Giant #G67, 1952

A revealing novel of Nurses, Doctors, Strange Operations

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Devil’s Spawn (Original Title: They Called Her Charity)


Wild And Exotic — She Lived For Loving


Fully Dressed And In His Right Mind

Michael Fessier, Fully Dressed and in His Right Mind. Lion, 1954

A Shapely Nymph Tangles With Temptation

Steve has kindly transcribed the first paragraph of this book:

“I was standing in front of the Herald and somebody fired a shot and I saw a fat man turn slowly on one heel and fall to the sidewalk. Before I could get to him a crowd had gathered and they pushed and shoved and yelled and a police whistle blew and brakes squealed as drivers skidded their cars to stop and have a look at what was going on. Those who got near the body stood and guzzled the sight. The fat man had a small blue hole in his head, and his mouth hung open and one eye looked right at you and the other was shut”


The Ordeal Of Private Heath (Original Title: The Objector)

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In the eyes of the Army he committed the gravest sin

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Swamp Girl (Original Title: No-Nation Girl)


She had to choose between White Man and Black!

Not related to this book of the same name


The Lustful Ape

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She was the latest victim of the man they called Ape — the man who took what he wanted like any jungle animal

Sometimes It Was Murder — Sometimes It Was Even Worse!

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The Brute (1952)

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48026536866-The Brute. Pyramid, 1952

His groping hands told him the meaning of desire!
The Strange Story Of A Blind-Deaf Mute

If he is blind, why is she covering herself so determinedly?

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Love Camp

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39317497-The_story_of_an_infamous_Nazi_cult thumbnail

The story of an infamous Nazi cult!

Wait, what?

Note that two swastikas were added, to the girl in the foreground, and an arm band on the man, for the paperback publication.