The Make-Out Men

Viceroy Book Paperback VP 249

A startling analysis of the bizarre sexuality of the men dedicated solely to erotic pleasure!



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1961 Beacon B405

Those Beautiful Girls Riding The Airways… Are They As Wild As Rumored? Do They Really Live For Thrills? Does Danger Make Them Welcome Advances — Even From Married Men?

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Operation: Lust

Epic Original No. 130, 1962

Gorgeous models were sacrificed to greedy depravity by filthy flesh peddlers… who stopped at nothing!


In Case Of Emergency

In Case of Emergency Georges Simenon 1964

He was rich, bored and looking for thrills; and he found them in a twisted, depraved world with a young girl of the night
“lit up by sexual gymnastics the like of which are not encountered outside of plain wrappers”


Pamela’s Sweet Agony

Brandon House #919 1965

The shocking story of a young nurse whose secret passion drove her down to the very depths of hell!


Horizontal Secretary / Private Lessons

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She did her best work after five

From the back:

Ellie had a motto, “No ring—no sex.” Then one night as she stood naked before her mirror, she said to herself, “How many more years will I keep this beauty? Why save myself until no one wants me?” She started with the men at the office and soon found that sex talent could open many doors for advancement where other talents failed. As Ellie worked her way to the top her interest in wedding rings withered as her taste for sex ripened. Ellie lived by a new motto, “I’ll be good tomorrow.”

Rader would change his Horizontal Secretary to a school teacher for Private Lessons.

Joey was just a student, but he wasn’t too young for the Private Lessons his gorgeous teacher gave after school was out!

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Run Thief Run (Original Title: The Lock and the Key)

Crest Book #115 1955

He could pick a lock as easily as he could steal another man’s girl