The Girl in the Golden Garter Belt

Jade Book 210 1963

She was many things to many men, but when she met Allen Cain he changed her… and when bullets from a killer’s silenced automatic cut into his sex life he changed himself from author to ruthless investigator!


Sex Martyrs: Their Crime is Love!

See For Men November 1962

And underwater rape. But mostly love.


Passion Pair

Leisure Book LB 623 (1964)

Lust Was The Payoff For This — Passion Pair

From the back:

… that’s Puerto Rico, and the lush surroundings of the plush hotel add to the boredom of the idle rich… of people like Paul and Elaine Combs. It is so easy then, for determined extortion artists to move in and mark them as their next passion victims. The blackmailers are Jim and Lois MacIntyre, smooth and polished in all the tricks of their trade… and their trade is love… until the pictures are all developed. Then the shame and degradation of their victims becomes reflected in a negotiable check… the only true sin money…