Girl in a Shroud

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When a sexy spook scares of a case of murder in the mortuary, Al Wheeler finds himself in trouble — six feet deep!

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Blackmail, Inc.


They told me the job was collecting dirt for a scandal sheet. They didn’t mention playing patsy in a shakedown racket…


The Girl With The Sweet Plump Knees / Für Leichen zahlt man bar (The Passionate Pagan)

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She said she needed a bodyguard, and in her shape, I could see why.

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Shooting Star

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Hollywood murder retake — new cast, same killer!

This book was reprinted by Hard Case Crime.


House Dick


What Goes On Behind Closed Doors At A Washington D.C. Hotel?

HOUSE DICK is one of Hunt’s very best, a classic hardboiled story of a detective in a Washington D.C. hotel (no, not that hotel) investigating a twisty tale of burglary and murder, of skullduggery under cover of darkness, of deception and shifting loyalties—and of the price you pay when you trust the wrong people…

The author was convicted of burglary, conspiracy and wiretapping, eventually serving 33 months in prison as part of the Watergate affair.
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Somebody Owes Me Money


Even a New York cabbie can get taken for a ride…

SOMETIMES WINNING FEELS AN AWFUL LOT LIKE LOSING. Cab driver Chet Conway was hoping for a good tip from his latest fare, the sort he could spend. But what he got was a tip on a horse race. Which might have turned out okay, except that when he went to collect his winnings Chet found his bookie lying dead on the living room floor. Chet knows he had nothing to do with it—but just try explaining that to the cops, to the two rival criminal gangs who each think Chet’s working for the other, and to the dead man’s beautiful sister, who has flown in from Las Vegas to avenge her brother’s murder…

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Kill Now, Pay Later [Hard Case reprint]

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Why would a party girl make him a party to murder?

When Ben Gates took the job guarding the presents at a ritzy upper-class wedding, he thought it would be a simple assignment: stand around, look tough, and make sure none of the bridesmaids walk off with the jewelry.
But that was before someone slipped sleeping pills into Ben’s coffee and a bizarre robbery attempt left two people dead. Now Ben’s reputation is on the line—and if he doesn’t figure out which of three beautiful women is hiding a murderous secret, his life may be as well…

A reprint of this book, with a new cover by the same artist, Robert McGinnis.
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Office Tramp: Confessions of an Executive Sweet

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Office Tramp Confessions of an Executive Sweet

Her Job was to Keep the Bosses Happy, and It Wasn’t by Taking Dictation!

Wait, what?


American Century #26


This is a pulp-cover-style painting with pulp covers in it! Meta-Pulp!


Rage To Love (Original Title: The Fortunate Man)

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He Used Women To Get What He Wanted