Bloody End of the Lustful Renegade


Also featuring Secret Sex Orgies of Khama Kali, 10 Ways to Tame a Dame, and Mad Butcher Peiper: The Vilest Nazi of Them All


The Lustful Bushwackers Of Yellow Creek


Also featuring The Heroic Orgy of Ray Harrison, Are Strippers Oversexed, and How I Gyp The Public. You can actually read The Heroic Orgy of Ray Harrison here.


The Planet of the Double Sun

Amazing Stories, February 1932 thumbnail
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Amazing Stories, February 1932

I don’t think this is referring to Tatooine. The entire issue can be downloaded here.

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The Conquest of the Earth

Amazing Stories, April 1930

Is the alien lost? Or is he showing the humans where they fall on the detailed conquest plans, which have been on display in the local planning department in Alpha Centauri for fifty of our Earth years?

I pulled the title from the table of contents, available here.