Babe in the Woods

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She was Hollywood’s hottest star playing a game of love and violence

From the back:

Lou Largo’s affair with the fabulous Kovar sisters begins warmly in a Manhattan hotel room, where luscious Lulu, collector of husbands and diamonds, has collected Lou for fun only.
It gets really steaming on a liner to Europe, where Largo’s job is guarding LiLi Kovar, Hollywood’s most sensational Body Beautiful, from kidnapping by Red agents.
But when Lou’s state-room is invaded by two strippers from Las Vegas…a bunch of L.A. gangsters … and sex bomb LiLi, with her fuse already lit — the action becomes as fast and hot as one tough private eye can handle.

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The world’s greatest story teller, W. Somerset Maugham, writes a lusty tale of a passionate young girl caught in the violence & intrigue of 16th Century Spain


Never Forget, Never Forgive


You Can’t Wipe The Slate Clean


The Dance Merchants

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52217768087-Ace D-300, 1958

Exposé novel of the “Learn to Dance” schools

Really? An exposé on dance schools? Must be riveting.

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Is My Flesh of Brass?


Honestly, the only reason I posted this one is the look on that guys face. Simply priceless!