Spotlight On Sin


The Stage Consumed Her, Body And Soul

Later retitled as Sins Of An Aspiring Actress


I Prowl by Night

Beacon B401, 1961 thumbnail
Beacon Books B401, 1961 thumbnail
Beacon B401, 1961
Beacon Books B401, 1961

A bold, new look at the causes of PERVERSE DESIRE — The frenzy that drives a man to the windows of unsuspecting women!

So, a serious scholarly work, then.

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Virgins No More

Beacon B451Y 1961

One excited him with kitten’s caresses… The other embraced him like a wildcat…
The Story Of Two Love-Hungry Women — As Different As Night And Day — Who Fought For The Embraces Of One Man!


Tenement Girl (Original Title: Cellar Club Girl)

Croyden_94 1955

A Story Of Neglected Youth Driven to Cellar Clubs and Dope


Georgia Hotel (1957)


It took a traveling salesman to awaken her

A very nice 1952 cover can be seen here


Bad Girl’s Club (Original Title: Dead-End Gal)

Croydon Book #71 - 1954

A Revealing Story Of Wild Youth


Farm Girl (Original Title: Rush to the Sun)

Pyramid Book #37 1952 thumbnail
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Pyramid Book #37 1952

In the city — they would have called her a juvenile delinquent

In the city they’d call her Jailbait

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Look Out Behind You

Ace D 247b

He Had His Hooks In Everybody — Then Someone Put A Knife in Him!