The Joy Wheel

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He Was Caught In The Vice Of Chicago’s Squalor

Out of the teeming web of Chicago’s slovenly West Side comes this thundering novel of Eddie Kiley’s bitter struggle against the forces of greed and dissolution and murder.

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Babe in the Woods

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She was Hollywood’s hottest star playing a game of love and violence

From the back:

Lou Largo’s affair with the fabulous Kovar sisters begins warmly in a Manhattan hotel room, where luscious Lulu, collector of husbands and diamonds, has collected Lou for fun only.
It gets really steaming on a liner to Europe, where Largo’s job is guarding LiLi Kovar, Hollywood’s most sensational Body Beautiful, from kidnapping by Red agents.
But when Lou’s state-room is invaded by two strippers from Las Vegas…a bunch of L.A. gangsters … and sex bomb LiLi, with her fuse already lit — the action becomes as fast and hot as one tough private eye can handle.

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The world’s greatest story teller, W. Somerset Maugham, writes a lusty tale of a passionate young girl caught in the violence & intrigue of 16th Century Spain


The Dance Merchants


Exposé novel of the “Learn to Dance” schools

Really? An exposé on dance schools? Must be riveting.


Is My Flesh of Brass?


Honestly, the only reason I posted this one is the look on that guys face. Simply priceless!