The Stalag-Busting Women-Without-Men Escape Chain of Capt. Lester Maney


Also featuring, ‘That Buy Now — Sin Later Craze: Sex On the Installment Plan for Debt-Plauged Girls’, and ‘The 5 Wild Wife-Swap Party-Games that Stunned New Jersey’s Suburbs’

Remember when a wild sex party could shock New Jersey? Yeah, me either.

The Black Avenger

Dusty Ayres And His Battle Birds February 1935 thumbnail
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Dusty Ayres And His Battle Birds February 1935

Dusty swung the radio gun on a second Black ship. It burst into flame.

“To Captain Ayres: The greatest among us has died by your hand. We, the living, are pledged to avenge that loss. Within forty-eight hours you and your comrades will be wiped from the face of the earth. Nothing can save you!” This message, signed Ekar, was dropped on Dusty’s drome; at the same time another Yank air field nearby was wiped out by a new horror weapon – a flaming rain that destroyed everything it touched! How can America fight this new menace? How can she keep the Blacks from crossing her borders?’

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The Green Thunderbolt

Dusty Ayres November, 1934 thumbnail
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Dusty Ayres November, 1934

“When Dusty heard about America’s new invention, the X-Rayoscope, by which the human eye could penetrate night, fog and clouds for a distance of two hundred miles, he thought victory was at hand. With such a machine to spy on the enemy, the war would soon be over. But he didn’t know about the doom even then speeding through invisible skies, had not yet heard of the green thunderbolt!”



The Strange Loves of Gustave Dore


Also, The Monster of Notting Hill and The Sexual Meaning of Dreams

Where Vengeance Blazed The Trail


She looks a little cold. If you know what I mean.

The Daughter of Genghis Khan

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19785737-The Daughter of Genghis Khan

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