Soft Nudes for the Nazis’ Doktor Horror

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20887940-Man's Story, September 1964

Also includes I Work The Nylon Jungle: Confessions of a Lingerie Showroom Girl10 Ways to Tell If You Are A Sexual Fraud, and Beware the Traps of Oversexed “Spinsters”


Surf Pack Assassins


They Lived for Sin, Sun, and Sudden Death

They were a wild groups of young Americans on a surfing and sex binge that had taken them halfway across the world — and lurking among them was a Red killmaster out to trigger a three-continent orgy of subversion and murder. Then a Yank undercover man infiltrated their treacherous ranks, moving up a girl by girl, thrill by thrill ladder in search of his deadly quarry, aware that a single false move would throw him into the path of a tidal wave of violent revenge…

And just in case that doesn’t sound awesome enough for you, that guy has a .30 caliber medium machine gun mounted on his surfboard. Top that!


Skull Hunt On Pygmy Island

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Man's Life Magazine March 1961

Also includes Nation-Wide Shame of Teen-Age Sin Clubs, Crawling Death Rides My Cockpit, and Death Fight For Love at the Slaughterhouse Bordello

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The Technocrats

The Technocrats' Magazine 1933

Explaining Technocracy: A Revolution Without Bloodshed

Thirty Million Out Of Work in 1933 — Or $20,000 A Year Income For Every Family — Which?

This rare, Depression-era one-shot was published in 1933. The entire issue can be downloaded here


Flying Rodents Ripped My Flesh!


A.K.A “Bats

Also includes New U.S. Menace: Teen-Agers In Black Leather Jackets and Don’t Be A Sucker — Cheat!


Women Are Wacky

Eyeful August 1949

Lures For Marriage

This is getting close to straight Pin-Up, rather than Pulp, but the story titles were too good to not share.


Exposing The Secret Love Cults Of America

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Big Adventure September 1960 thumbnail
Big Adventure Magazine September 1960 thumbnail
Big Adventure September 1960
Big Adventure Magazine September 1960

Also, Death In A Side-Show Carnival, The Dirty Taste Of Blood, He’s Out To Steal Your Guts, and The Hot-House Hussies Who Saved The Fleet

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I Watched Myself Die!

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True Adventures September 1955 thumbnail
20684104-True Adventures - 1955 09 Sept - bear attack painting by Frank Cozzarell
True Adventures September 1955

The First issue of True Adventures – this is a title and format change, as it was formerly Fifteen Detective Stories

Also featuring The Lonely Island Girls, The Day The River Ran Red. and The Case Of The Married Virgins

City Of The Night — The Place Where Anything Goes

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