How To Make Your Wife Do What You Want Her To

Jem Magazine June 1959

Also, Texans Are Lousy Lovers

Incredible Escape from the Nazi Nightmare

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True Men Magazine February 1960 thumbnail
True Men Magazine February 1960


Blood on the Brand


The Exciting Story of a Mounty and a Girl-Scout Practicing Ballroom Dancing!

Girls Behind Prison Bars

Adventure, December 1960 thumbnail
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Adventure, December 1960

Also, I Rode With the Arab Raiders, The Street of Man-Hungry Girls and King of the Hunted


Victims of the Vortex

Amazing Stories July 1950

Their destiny was to meet as… Victims of the Vortex

This entire issue can be downloaded here


I was forced to watch in horror as… Whips Tasted Her Blood!

Men in Conflict October 1961

Also, Sex Drugs For Sale, Call-Girls On Campus and Knife At My Throat


Hell’s Brew at Gumbo Point


Fun Fact: The Pharaohs loved gumbo. And murder!

The Army From Underground

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OPERATOR #5. November-December 1939 thumbnail
OPERATOR #5. November-December 1939

The cover for which the painting I shared here was created.

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