Queen of the Black Coast [Avon Printing]

Avon Fantasy Reader #8 1948 thumbnail
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Avon Fantasy Reader #8 1948

This Conan story by Robert E. Howard was originally printed in Weird Tales with a cover by Margaret Brundage. This entire issue can be downloaded here

The Great Cross-Country Girl Hunt

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Glamour Photography Magazine Summer 1957 thumbnail
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Glamour Photography Magazine Summer 1957 back thumbnail
Glamour Photography Magazine Summer 1957
Glamour Photography Magazine Summer 1957 back

The Glamour Studio On Wheels

Yeah, he looks legit.

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Escape From The Isle of Death

Rage Issue #7 December 1957 thumbnail
Rage for Men - 1957 12 Dec - Clarence Doore thumbnail
Rage Issue #7 December 1957
Rage for Men - 1957 12 Dec - Clarence Doore

Also, I Fought The Devil Snake, and King of Korea’s Guerrillas


Strip-Poker Swap


They first found love, but when they played Switch-Mate, raw sensuality won out!

Save Her From The Snakes


We’d gone into the jungle looking for fun and romance. But all we found was fear and terror! 

A Slip of a Miss


Gay French Life. For when regular old American life is just not enough. 

The Crippled Monster Who Scourged The World


Also, Hunting In The Valley Of Death


Almost Never On Sunday: The Life of a Stripper — The Backstage Story


Also, ‘New York’s Lesbian Sex Parties’ and ‘The Plane They Couldn’t Kill’

The Mystery of the Dragon’s Shadow

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Dr. Yen Sin - May June 1936 thumbnail
Dr. Yen Sin - May June 1936

And he would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for those meddling white kids!

The first of only three issues, this particular magazine sold for $1,314.50

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To Hell With Posses, Courts, and the Law!


Also, ‘The Devil Pilot’s Jinx Crew’ and ‘How Do You Stack Up Sexually?’

Wildcat Adventures

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18913434-Wildcat_Adventures_-_1963_07_July_-_Nazi_bondage_and_torture-8x6 thumbnail
18913436-Wildcat_Adventures_-_1964_08_Aug_-_teen_gangs_or_bikers-8x6 thumbnail

I am sensing a theme here.