Fane Of The Python Priestess


Ki-Gor — Jungle Lord, battles a cult of Devil-worshipers

And a dinosaur!


Flame-Priestess of Carthage

Jungle Stories 1950 Winter thumbnail
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Jungle Stories 1950 Winter
JUNGLE STORIES. Winter 1950-51

Ki-Gor Beware! To save your jungle paradise you must slay the monster of the Golden Voodoo… you must defy the Flame-Priestess of Carthage

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Land of the Lost Safaris

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Jungle Stories 1944 Winter

I wasn’t sure how to tag this one. She certainly looks helpless, but she is holding a bloody dagger. So I went with both Helpless Women and Dangerous Women.

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The Devil’s Death Trap


Ki-Gor — Jungle Lord stalks a ghost spoor of rouge beasts and renegade men

Also featuring Empire of the Lost Race, Voodoo Ruby, and The Juju of N’Jola


Exposing Hot Money Honeys

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They look innocent — but they know all the tricks of the trade. They do it for Greed…they do it for Love.


She-Wolf of Halmahera: White Queen of the Jungle Savages

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Spur September 1959 thumbnail
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Spur cover, September 1959
Spur Magazine September 1959
Spur September 1959

Also featuring Around The World With Nothing On: A Secret Report on the True State of Sun Worship, I Ran A Woman’s Prison, The Spanish Prisoner and the Crooked Doll, and Gangi: Hell Smoke of the Caribbean

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One Of Hitler’s Girl Victims Tells How It Feels To Be Tortured


Also, ‘Folks who Live For The Glory of Pain’, ‘Tani Hebbler — The Girls With A Thirst For Human Blood’, ‘The Gang Raid That Almost Destroyed New York’, and “Wife-Swapping — The Best Thing We Ever Did!”


Park Avenue Jewel Robberies

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Also, Slow Death for a Fast Woman


The $20 A Night Harlots of Broadway!

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Damned inflation!


Leopard Woman


She was one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in Africa. Her skin possessed a sheen not often found among Negroes. She was tall and graceful, with high, full breasts, and long, wonderfully molded legs. Her eyes were startling. They were oblique, and flecked with yellow. In the lamplight of that room they gleamed strangely.


My Incredible Trek To The Forbidden Land

21224331-Sport Trails magazine, Winter 1956-57, cover by Mort Kunstler

Also, Safari to the World of Ice and We Battled The Zambesi Raiders


Stag Annual 1968

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Stag Annual 1968
21219319-earl norem. action painting

A jam-packed special issue, featuring ‘Last Night With Laura, Hot Afternoon With Ellen‘, ‘Villa of Assassins: A U.S. Agent’s Hunt For A Terror Master‘, ‘“Killer” Medical Labs: Mistakes That Doom Thousands of Americans Every Year‘, ‘Sin on the Assembly Line: Wild Antics of Those “Coffee Break” Passion Dolls‘, ‘The 25 Worst Sex Hangups: Solved Honestly and Factually‘, “Howitzer Bandit” Who Blasted Open A Gold Fortress‘, and finally ‘Pussycat: Another episode in the adventures of the world’s most gorgeous agent

I actually really want to read this issue.

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