… And She Gave Me A Zippo!


Love can’t be totally blind… when it sees how clearly a Zippo lights the way to the masculine heart!

A man treasures his Zippo because it isn’t just a fair-weather friend; a Zippo works in wind or wet with one quick zip. And he likes to know that Zippo offers free repair service for life.

When his Zippo’s a gift from someone he loves, it’s doubly dear to him.


A Crypt Of Agony For The Screaming Beauties Of Belgium

25670114-MEN_TODAY_-_1962_12_Dec,_Original_art_by_John_Duillo-8x6 thumbnail
25670116-MEN_TODAY_-_1962_12_Dec._Cover_by_John_Duillo-8x6 thumbnail

Also Featuring Lust Slave Of The Teenage Passion Queens, The Beat Cop: Raw Cuts On The Hoof, Shackled Nudes For The Lash Of Satan, The Terror Trail of the Algerian Sin Girls, and How To Overcome 10 Hidden Emotions That Cripple You


Kiss The Skull of Death, My Beautiful Muchacha!

25668526-New_Man,_Sept_1965,_original_painting_by_Norman_Saunders_(Oberg_collection)-8x6 thumbnail
25668528-New_Man,_September_1965._Art_by_Norman_Saunders-8x6 thumbnail

Also includes Where Over-Sexed Women Prowl For You, 10 Personality Traits That Cripple You Sexually, and Exposed: Newest Gathering Places For Homosexuals, presumably with a handy map and directions so New Man readers know exactly how to, um, avoid them. Yeah.


I Heard The Sacred Statue Scream

25668001-MAN'S_ACTION_-_1969_06_June,_Original_art_by_John_Duillo-8x6 thumbnail
Man's Action June 1969 thumbnail
Man's Action June 1969

Also featuring The Willing Witches Of Stud Island, Nude on Horseback, Forbidden House of the Golden-Legged Girls, Sex Investigators… How They Spy On You!, How and Where To Find Millions In Gold And Jewels, and 9 Sure Ways To Increase Your Sex Power

Holy crap! They should charge WAY more than 39¢ for this kind of information.